Do it for Hawk

Lawrenceville, Georgia

Hawk had a massive spontaneous brain hemorrhage at 3 weeks old that we discovered through a head CT after he started vomiting and having seizures. Hawk was life flighted to Egleston Childrens Hospital of Atlanta where he was admitted to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

He was put into a pentobarbital coma for weeks because they could not stop the seizures. A drain was placed in his head to drain the blood. The blood created scar tissue which has now lead to hydrocephalus.

During his hospital stay he also formed massive blood clots that run from one knee, up to the abdomen, and down to his other knee; also small ones in each arm. He has tested negative for any clotting disorder. He has had 4 shunt surgeries and infection in his brain. He now has a shunt and we are home now.

He is trying to learn how to do all the things he was so great at when he was born… to eat, track with his eyes, hold up his head, grab things, kick… all those things babies should be doing at 6 months old.” And that’s the quick version!

In spite of what the world may think, the Lord has blessed us with the most sweet, innocent and loving son. Our prayer is that Hawk will continue to improve through the faithfulness and grace of the I AM, the one and only risen Savior in order to complete the work that was planned for him.

Cannabis is Literally Saving His Life, So Why Is His Mom A Cri…

Cannabis is Literally Saving This Boy's Life, So Why Is His Mom A Criminal For Giving It To Him?

Posted by Ben Swann on Wednesday, March 9, 2016

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