Medical Cannabis Testimonials

MDherb was founded with a solitary mission that persists to this day – giving a voice and a resource to patients that need access and a credible information about medical marijuana and CBD’s.

The truth is in the telling.Patients, whether chronically or terminally ill, are real people. They are a portion of the low , middle and upper class that affects 100% of America. Almost every family has at least one member who is suffering from a life altering disease. These are the testimonials of patients that have used medical marijuana and CBD’s to their advantage and have turned their lives into an alternative cannabis lifestyle.


Dr. Wagoner is a retired physician who risked arrest and imprisonment to procure marijuana as a last resort to help with his wife’s intractable nausea, a side effect of her chemotherapy treatments, when she was not responding to prescribed medications.

Jerry and Carmen’s son, Dan, was diagnosed with terminal cancer when he was only 28 years old. When other medications were ineffective, Dan tried marijuana. The marijuana reduced his pain, took away his nausea and loss of appetite, and enabled him to live far longer than his doctors projected. TESTIMONY OF JERRY AND CARMEN PETERSON

Eight years ago, Brenda was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was in stage I when they found it and then underwent a lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy. She struggled with Chemotherapy but then found medical cannabis. TESTIMONY OF BRENDA L OF OHIO


Richard Haines has been a Crohn’s patient since 15 years old, has had 32 total G.I Surgeries and also colon cancer. Once on over 18 pills a day, Richard has used CBD / THC oil for the past two years to remove all pharmaceuticals from his daily routine.

Coltyn Turner is 15 years old and suffers from severe and debilitating Crohn’s Disease. He has undergone numerous hospitalizations and treatments but the only relief he found was from CBD / THC .  TESTIMONY OF 15 YEAR OLD COLTYN TURNER

Dravet Syndrome

Angie’s oldest daughter suffers from Dravet Syndrome, a devastating seizure disorder that is notoriously unresponsive to traditional anti-epileptic medications. Angie and her husband have discovered that many families in similar situations have found success controlling this rare disorder with medical marijuana.

My son had a seizure every day of his life,” David said in a telephone interview. “He was crying in pain every day.” Since he started giving the boy an oral tincture of high-CBD cannabis, “he’s been doing amazing,” and “now he can go a week without having one and when he does, it’s not nearly as severe.


After moving back to Cedar Rapids, she started having the seizures once, maybe twice a year. Following her move to Kansas in ’98, she started having them two or three times a month. Those seizures were called Grand Mal’s, or, their current term, Tonic-Clonic seizures. TESTIMONY OF BETH WILKINSON

Multiple Schlerosis

He has a narrowing of his spinal cord. The doctors told him that he would have a 50-50 chance of correcting it with surgery. He’s on a lot of pain pills – 100 Percocets per month, 40 Dilantins per month, and a Morphine patch every three days. Using Cannabis allows him to cut his pharmaceutical use in half. TESTIMONY OF JACK CHAVEZ


Tim Majerus saw the benefit of medical marijuana first-hand while working as a pastor in hospice care and also while working with military veterans diagnosed with PTSD and chronic pain.

Spinal Injury

KK Forss suffers from a spinal injury and must take a large amount of dangerous medications, including morphine, Fentanyl, methadone, MS Contin, and Percocet, in order to make it through the day. When he is able to use medical marijuana, his quality of life increases dramatically, and he is able to significantly cut down on his consumption of these dangerous prescription narcotics.