Ashley Weber

Board of Advisor

AshleyWebberAshley Weber is a medical Cannabis patient, mom, cannabis activist, caregiver, advisor, and friend to anyone seeking information through all things whole plant (Cannabis) and Hemp (CBD).  She is a survivor of many life situations and has practical advice to offer for those seeking answers, resources, or to further their knowledge of Cannabis/Hemp. If the answer is not known, there is a vast network on her reserve, available with the knowledge.

She is the first patient to win and setting court precedent for a HUD voucher in 2012, amending the strict zero tolerance policy for “no Drugs” allowed in federal public housing. This was done pro bono with the legal help of Jeff Gard, Esquire, of the law firm, Gard & Bond, LLC. Ashley has been on fire ever since. She works diligently with many patients, caregivers, growers, dispensaries, and activists throughout the United States and abroad.  She’s also a single mom caring and providing for, and teaching, her 6 year old son. And even learning from him as well, he’s actually changed her entire paradigm on life.  They have both molded each other.

Founder/Owner of theHila Hemp (CBD), Ashley has started her own business, “Ashley Designs llc” creating and utilizing her ability to help others. Serving as Chapter Leader of Parents 4 Pot Colorado (P4P CO), a CO NORML Board member, Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce, Colorado  Cannabis Community Project, and other great organizations like Cannabis Patients Alliance, PhCare,, Cannabis Patients Network Institute, and Hemp Cleans. All of this with a spinal cord injury. Yes, Ashley unable to move from the sternum down due to a rollover car accident fracturing 4 of the 7 cervical vertebrates. The accident was not her fault, she is the end result of another’s ill actions. Spinal cord injuries are emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually draining in all areas of life. Able to relate with a variety of patients on many medical conditions, she uses her expertise to help, connect, and grow the cannabis community while still making time to assist others’ in their needs. Ashley’s mission is to leave behind footprints for others to be comforted by, and to take actions for the greater cause …