Why Does My Husband Hate Me So Much? Here’s What To Do When Your Husband Says He Hates You

“Why does my husband hate me so much?” A lot of women think that their husband hates them. This is either because their husbands are treating them unfairly/criticizing them/blame them all the time, or he has explicitly said “I hate you” to the wife. Neither of these really mean that your husband hates you. However, they do indicate that there is a problem in your marriage that needs to be solved.

First of all, what you need to understand is that it is very easy to flip out in the middle of heated arguments and say things like “I hate you, I wish I never met you” or things like that. This is especially the case for men – they can get really angry and not think about what they are saying. So, when your husband says he hates you, you can remember the fact that he married you for a reason, and know that you don’t have to go around the house, thinking “why oh why does my husband hate me so much?”

However, this doesn’t mean that everything is fine in your marriage. There are fights and problems in every marriage; but if fights are getting so intense that your husband says that he hates you, things have the potential to get worse. If you want to save your marriage (or repair your marriage), this is the time to act, as those problems are like diseases – if you act soon enough, they do no lasting damage; and because they will make you be more careful from now on, they can actually be beneficial. However, if you don’t act soon enough, those troubles can leave lasting damage which might even cause divorce. So, don’t ask “Why does my husband hate me so much?” but ask “How can I repair my marriage so that things will never get so heated again, and my husband won’t say that he hates me?”

Repairing your marriage needs effort from several directions. If you are having fights all the time, you have to learn how to compromise. It can be very hard to compromise “now” about some issues that have been plaguing your marriage for a long time, but if you are to make progress, someone needs to compromise. That might as well be you. Surely, compromising about everything is not the way to maintain a marriage forever, but if you are asking “why does my husband hate me so much,” compromising on some issues first might be the answer – you have to take the first step, and your husband might just follow suit and take some steps himself.

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