What Are the Major Causes of a Smelly Vagina? Do Not Ignore This Information

A smelly vagina may be a lot of discomfort for a woman and her private parts. Vaginal odor can even limit the sexual activity for a woman as she may feel uncomfortable about herself and the man goes to a little distance. Although, it is common to have a certain kind of smell in the vagina, there may be some uncomfortable vaginal odor. Major causes of vagina odor include…

o Vaginal Discharge: Usually, vaginal discharge does not have any smell but a woman suffering from bacterial vaginosis may have a large number of organisms and may cause the area to smell. This is also characterized by an increased amount of vaginal discharge which usually appears discolored or loose white. Abnormal vaginal discharge is also accompanied by itchiness and may even be green or yellow in color.

o Poor hygiene: It is recommended to regularly wash your genital area during shower or bath. Although douching is not necessary but you can use a little soap and lot of water.

o Vaginal infection: Any kind of infection in the vagina may also be a cause of a smelly vagina. Candida vaginitis is an infection caused by yeast and may include symptoms, such as irritation, itching, redness and inflammation in the vaginal area, followed by an unpleasant odor. Trichomonas vaginitis also causes heavy discolored smelly discharge followed by itching.

o Foreign body in the vagina: There may be some foreign body in your vagina like a condom or a tampon which may be the cause of an obnoxious smell in your vaginal area. This takes place when the foreign body rises up into your vagina and starts lodging there. This may result in an infection, giving rise to smelly vagina. If you are also suffering from a smelly vagina, then the first step is to find out its cause and take steps towards it accordingly.

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