Western Medicine Vs Traditional Chinese Medicine – II

In my previous article touching on the effectiveness of Traditional Chinese Medicine (“TCM”) vs Western Medicine, I mentioned that I will be touching on some examples I have come across whereby Western Medicine is lacking. In this article, I will share my experience of such cases.

First case involves Lady T who had a severe shoulder strain and rushed to the hospital seeking treatment. For some reason, the doctor prescribed strong antibiotics for her condition and instructed her to finish the course of the antibiotics. The choice of antibiotics although seemed an incongruous prescription to me for a person suffering from shoulder strain but I will reserve my comments since it is not my field of expertise. However, the manner of which this prescription was made appeared cavalier in that there was no consideration that this strong dosage of antibiotics would have a side effect on Lady T. The fact is that Lady T has a history of gastrointestinal and depression problem. The strong antibiotics upset her gastrointestinal system severely and her health weakened considerably as a consequence. Worse to follow is the recurrence of depression, which came about as a consequence of her weakening health.

This example shows the usefulness of knowing Ba Zi (4 Pillars) or Zi Wei Dou Shu (ZWDS) in the process of diagnosis of a medical problem and prescription of the cure. The patient may, as a result of being in pain or anxiety, not being able to describe clearly their medical history. But if there were some way to tap on someone with Ba Zi or Zi Wei Dou Shu knowledge, such a cop out of prescribing medicine that triggers a chain of undesirable medical side effects, will not be that common.

The next example I would like to bring into discussion is the inadequate areas of fertility methods of Western Medicine. One of the common problems plaguing infertile couples could be the low percentage of high quality, high motility sperm of the male couple. Gynaecologists and Urologists interviewed so far have indicated that there is no medicine nor surgical process that can treat this medical condition. In this aspect, TCM is streets ahead in that they are able to prescribe herbs that can increase the motility of the high quality sperms to the desired level.

Even the much heralded medical process of enhancing fertility called IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) leaves much to be desired. For a process with such prohibitive costs and only a documented average success rate of 33 percent, I do not see the logic in its highly revered status. I have known quite many couples that went the IVF route and end up mentally exhausted, disappointed and much poorer. While TCM practitioners generally do not keep statistics of their success rates in helping couples conceive, it is a fact that many of these couples who lost their last glimmer of hope after the IVF process had their have their parenting wish fulfilled after consulting proficient TCM practitioners. That too, achieved with a much lower level of stress and cost. Coincidence or efficacy? You be the judge.

Now, how does Zi Wei Dou Shu (ZWDS) come into the picture here? Of all the couples that had difficulty conceiving, it is always reflected in their ZWDS charts. It can help couples to identify they have such problems and seek help early and thus increase the probability of success. Even in certain cases whereby both IVF and TCM failed to bring babies to these couples, Fengshui done using ZWDS concepts, administered in conjunction with TCM treatments, finally see to the emergence of the proverbial stork with the baby.

The last case on to be discussed here is to illustrate that the appropriate use of Chinese Medicine and Fengshui can cure an illness that even Western doctors are initially not confident of doing so. We all know cancer is one illness that doctors are least confident in curing. Guy A was diagnosed with cancer and was given a pessimistic outlook by his doctor. He went to a Fengshui master and asked if the master knows what is wrong with him. This Fengshui master is able to deduce that he had nose cancer simply by reading his ZWDS chart. Truly impressed, Guy A adopted all the recommendations of this Fengshui Master. Today, Guy A is cured of cancer.

Fengshui is a superstition and TCM is a poorer cousin to Western Medicine? We will only truly understand if we bothered to open up our limited mindset.

Source by Ken Toh J

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