The Benefits Of Using A Root Stimulator In Hydroponic Gardening

Once you believe that you have optimized every aspect of your basic hydroponic system, it is time to start thinking about what other additives and other plant-enhancing substances you will want to introduce to your nutrient solution. If you are truly interested in producing the biggest yields, creating the healthiest plants, and harvesting the tastiest vegetables, it is not enough to make sure your lighting is adequate and your nutrient solution is well balanced. You also need to make sure you give the roots of your plants every advantage they can have in order to feed your plant and allow it to thrive. And few things can be more beneficial to your roots than a quality rooting stimulator which uses beneficial bacteria to give your roots the best possible environment in which to grow and thrive.

Here are just a few of the ways that rooting stimulator helps your plants.

Increase Nutrient Uptake – Nitrogen is one the most essential nutrients to your plants. If your plants are deficient in this macronutrient, it might result in yellow leaves and a weak yield. Most quality rooting stimulators come with certain strains of bacteria, most notably paenibacillus, designed to enhance the Nitrogen your plant receives so it can help maximize root and plant health. This bacteria provides your roots with a steady stream of reduced nitrogen by converting N2 gas in the air into a form of nitrogen that can help your roots grow to their potential.

Release Growth Hormones – Much like humans and animals, plants use hormones to influence and promote the development of their cells. Unlike humans however, plants do not have glands that can easily produce these growth hormones. For this reason, rooting stimulators usually come packed with bacteria that can actually produce phytohormones directly into your plant. The hormones encourage much faster growth which results in bigger yields and faster harvests.

Promote Beneficial Fungi – While most hydroponics growers have had to deal with the encroachment of harmful fungi, usually when their grow room becomes too humid, there are certain strains of fungi that can actually benefit root development. When these fungi are introduced to your hydroponic system, they can break down debris that might be obstructing your root zone and turn any undissolved nutrients into materials that your plant can actually absorb and use. The bacteria found in good root stimulators create an ideal environment for these kinds of fungi to thrive by helping speed their germination.

Boost Your Plants Immune System – This nightmare situation has happened at least once to even the experienced grower: it is late in plant development, with everything appearing to progress nicely, when all of a sudden one of your plants falls ill with a destructive bacteria or virus. Even if you work to quickly quarantine it, the disease still might ruin your entire crop. The only way to reduce the chances of infection is do everything your can to promote the immunity of your plants. By strengthening your roots with the microbes that can be found in rooting stimulators, your plants will be more equipped to fight any infections that might be introduced into your system.

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