Smoking and Penis Size – Smoking Reduces Penis Size and Causes Erectile Dysfunction

We all know that smoking can adverse effects on one’s health. However, not many people out there are aware of the fact that smoking can also affect their penis. The size of a penis is already a matter of great concern for hundreds and thousands of individuals across the world.

To understand the bad effects of smoking on your penis, you first need to know a little bit about how your manhood works. The penis is made up three large chambers that hold blood. When a man starts to get an erection, blood rushes into these chambers and the size depends upon how much blood flows into these chambers.

This is where smoking, penis size and erections are related. Smoking has been known to reduce the quality of blood circulation by clogging arteries. The arteries that connect the chambers in the penis are especially narrow and can very easily be affected by continuous smoking. Overall, one can experience some kind of impact on one’s sexual performance. When a person’s ability to have sex reduces, the person’s appetite for sex will generally follow.

Bad effects of smoking on the penis

  • Could potentially reduce size by restricting the quantity of blood flow into the penis chambers. Actually, penis is no different than any other body part when it comes to being affected by smoking. As a matter of fact, penis is at more risk due to prolonged smoking.
  • Reduced blood flow or poor quality blood flow is the most frequent cause of erectile dysfunction or ED and smoking increases the risk of ED.
  • The risk of smoking is increased in middle aged men or men older than 30 years. Also, those who smoke more than three cigarettes a day are more prone to get affected.
  • The penis is the quickest and first part of the body to be affected by clogged arteries and the oncoming of ED must be taken as a strong warning of potentially far worse problems such as possible heart attacks.

Recent studies have highlighted the fact that smoking increases the risk of impotence in men, especially in their thirties and forties. Individuals who smoke regularly often suffer from low sperm counts. Now, this might indeed be a matter of grave concern for truckloads of individuals out there. Other bad effects of smoking put aside, the effect it can have on your penis should give you another strong incentive to quit smoking once and for all. If you have been waiting for a solid reason to quit smoking than your health, then may be you should consider it now.

What can you do to reverse the bad effects of smoking on your penis?

Though size is not everything, and few men may claim that it is not important at all, one can’t undermine the fact that most women enjoy having sex with men who have thicker and larger penis, or at least average penis size. As said earlier, long years of smoking have a very high possibility of having reduced your penis size. This is however not permanent damage as one can gradually start to reverse the process with penis exercises. What exercising does is that it coaxes more blood flow into the penis chambers in a natural process that takes about 8 weeks. You will only have to exercise for about 6-8 minutes every day during the eight week period.

The result is that your penis gradually increases in size. A one inch gain in about 8 weeks is very probable although some could gain more. The more important benefit about penis exercises is that erections will return to normal and you will in fact have better control over ejaculation. You will also last longer in sex as a result.

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