Panic Attack Medications – Should You Really Take Them?

Some people absolutely refuse to try a panic attack medication in order to treat their panic attacks. Is that wise? Well, yes and no.

There are so many different treatments available for these attacks that medication doesn’t necessarily need to be the first option. In fact, many medical experts believe that a blend of behavioral and cognitive therapies provide the best treatment for panic disorder sufferers.

Some people may even find the relief they need through natural alternative treatments, physical activity, relaxation techniques, breathing techniques or dietary changes.

While it’s always good to explore options that don’t include any drugs, for some people and some cases, medication may be necessary – either as the sole treatment or in combination with another type of treatment.

Many people who are treated through the combination of psychotherapy and prescription medications are able to get back to their former normal lives.

Doctors have different types of medications to choose from when treating panic attacks – most of them being antidepressants. Certain antidepressants are the most widely used medications due to fewer possible side effects while performing the most good.

And speaking of side effects, yes – all of the medications that could be used have possible side effects ranging from milder problems such as dry skin patches, nausea and insomnia to more severe problems such as blood clot issues, gastrointestinal problems and even suicide risks.

But don’t be discouraged, if you do decide to try medications, your doctor will work with you on finding the right one for you and should monitor your use of it. You may even need to try more than one before you find the best fit.

In short, always check with your doctor before trying any treatments for your attacks. And with so many options, you can talk with him about the best type of treatments for you to try – whether they are prescription medications or not.

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