Migraine Headaches: How to Quickly Get Rid of a Migraine

Millions Of People In The World Are Needlessly Suffering From Tension or Migraine Headaches.

There are many causes for headaches and may be many ways to correct them.

As a first step it is vitally important to consult a physician to determine if the headache is due to a pathological problem. If not, these techniques are safe.

Help Is On The Way

A simple cure for getting rid of headaches is one of the worlds best kept secrets.

Most headaches are the result of unresolved tension in the body, either mental or muscular. Muscle Tension We Believe Is The Missing Link. The headache may quickly disappear once that tension is released.

Almost everyone experiences a headache at one time or another. Sometimes we may take one of the many pills or nostrums displayed on the druggist’s shelf or advertised with great conviction on television.

Headaches can vary tremendously in intensity from the barely noticeable to a real banger that can put you in bed for hours if not days.

Our community was planning a Thanksgiving dinner in the clubhouse. As the day approached, one of our neighbors had been in bed for several days with a disabling headache and was not expecting to be able to attend. These attacks occurred from time to time.

I showed her how to do the Headache Release Technique and in a few seconds her headache was gone. She was able to attend and enjoy the Thanksgiving dinner.

When we saw her several months later, Elizabeth asked her, “Are you using the Headache Release Technique that we showed you?” She replied, “You know, I had completely forgotten about it. I haven’t had a headache since then.”


On another occasion we were walking up the hill from the mailboxes to our house and met a neighboring couple headed down the hill for their mail. As we greeted them, the husband covered both ears with his hands and backed away. His wife stated that he had a severe “migraine headache”. Any sound intensified the pain.

Elizabeth walked up to him. She asked permission to touch him. She did the headache release technique on him. To his great surprise in a few moments, he opened his eyes. The headache pain was gone. “I don’t believe it,” he said. The couple thanked us and went merrily on their way.

The husband was able to keep his eyes open without the pain.

Afterwards we learned that he had been sitting in a dark room with the migraine headache for three days. Feeling the need for fresh air, he had gone out for a walk with his wife, who was leading him by the hand while he kept his eyes closed.

It is now two years later, and he has not had another headache.


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