Medication Used For the Prevention of Calcium Oxalate Kidney Stones

Calcium oxalate kidney stones are one of the main groups of stones that people tend to suffer with the most. These are normally formed with passing down of a hereditary condition that can cause them but can spring up when there is no family history of kidney stones.

Calcium kidney stones occur when the body has an excess of calcium that is not being used by the bones and the teeth. The calcium tends to form in the kidney and eventually can lead to kidney stones. For those that have suffered with these stones in the past, there are a few medications with can be used alongside basic lifestyle and dietary changes in order to prevent them from happening again.

Thiazide is just one type of medication that can be used for calcium oxalate kidney stones. The medication acts as a diuretic and helps to bring back the calcium from the urine to be absorbed by the rest of the body, mainly the teeth and bones.

As a preventative method of calcium stones it is very effective and can help to reduce the amount of the mineral which is contained within the urine. The one downside of this medication for calcium oxalate kidney stones is that the person taking it will have to reduce the amount the amount of sodium that they have in the diet.

Sodium cellulose phosphate is another medication that can be given for the prevention of calcium oxalate kidney stones and especially the calcium ones as it stops the mineral from being leaked into the urine as it is kept in the intestines. This prevents kidney stones made of calcium from happening.

Oral calcium supplements can be given to those that regularly suffer from calcium oxalate kidney stones and these are good for reducing the amount of oxalate in the body. This unfortunately cannot be used by people that are experiencing kidney problems but it can help to prevent the oxalate itself from being absorbed into the blood stream.

For those that already have a kidney stone then there is a particularly good pain relief medication that can be administered to reduce the amount of pain that is felt in this area and the name of this is Toradol. It is normally given to patients that suffer with pain in the kidneys and is an anti-inflammatory drug that is considered to be non-steroidal.

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