How Long Does Opiate Withdrawal Last? – A Beginners Guide

If you are like many people, then you may have to experience opiate withdrawal because of an addiction you gained to opiates from a medical prescription. This is becoming more and more common as more and more people are being prescribed opiates to help them deal with surgeries and illnesses. If you have found that you have become addicted, you are going to have a fight ahead of you, but you will be able to find help. There are doctors, specialists, and clinics that will be able to help you recover and live your normal life again. Still, many people who are facing this challenge do want to know how long does opiate withdrawal last.

How long does opiate withdrawal last? Well, the answers are going to vary. The answer will depend on how long you have been addicted and how strong the opiates are that you have been taking. For the most part, you can expect a basic pattern in terms of how the withdrawal will take place. To begin with, you will experience symptoms that will remind you of the flu, though they will probably be worse. For about a week or so you will have intense headaches and experience nausea and insomnia. This can be very painful and you will need a doctor to help you recover.

When you are asking how long does opiate withdrawal last, you will want to know more than just the time frames. You will also want to think about the stages you are in. During the second week, your flu-like symptoms will remain, and you will also suffer from some brain fog. You may find that you are very irritable and that you are having trouble making clear, level headed decisions. This is why a clinic is important for many people during this stage. In a sense, you need to be protected from yourself in order to get through this time in your life.

Once the flu symptoms were off around the fourth week, you will feel better, but you will have cravings. Some people will report that these cravings are actually worse than the withdrawal itself. In other words, when you ask how long does opiate withdrawal last, you are really asking about a long process that will require you to fight and grow. Once you are back on track and living your life again, you are going to feel better about yourself knowing that you have overcome an addiction.

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