How is Diabetes Treated Naturally – Supplements

With the increasing awareness about the health and different disease; the interest of the people to treat the disease thorough natural therapies is also increasing.

Diabetes is a chronic illness but can be easily treated with the help of natural treatments. It could be with the help of herbs, vitamin supplements or simply with diet and exercise. There isn’t any magical formula that works behind the natural treatment. The diabetics have to hit and try. Following are the supplements that are helpful for the diabetics for controlling the level of blood sugar.

Vanadium/ Chromium Supplement

This supplement provides the individuals a natural remedy for diabetics. It does so by naturally helping the regulation of sugar and glucose in blood

Antioxidant Supplement with Selenium and Vitamin A, C, E

It has been clinically proved that this supplement helps to control the blood sugar level of both types of diabetics.

Here is a brief explanation of working some supplements.

Vanadium And Chromium help the insulin to transport the glucose into cells where it can be converted into energy. These minerals replace the function of insulin. Chromium helps the increased production of insulin whereas Vanadium performs the role of insulin and transport the glucose in the body cells. A study conducted in 1985 by University of Vancouver revealed that sooner or later Vanadium will take the place of insulin for the treatment of adult onset diabetes.

Zinc helps the glucose to get into body cells and work efficiently.

Magnesium also helps the diabetics to work better. It also lessens the risk of diabetic complications like heart attack and blindness.

Manganese, selenium and copper all perform a cellular role when the level of blood sugar is high.

Vitamin E and C help to get the sugar in the cells. These vitamins also help to keep the healthier blood vessels. It protects the kidneys and heart against the destruction because of elevated blood sugar levels.

Vitamin E specifically improves the resistance of body cells towards insulin.

Biotin helps to lower down blood sugar level.

Folic Acid prevents the diabetic complications

Essential fatty acids help in restructuring of cells. It also helps to control the weight and lower down the blood glucose level.

Gymnema Sylvester is an herbal extract. This extract is being used since 6th century and helps to lower down the blood glucose level. It also helps to repair the beta cells of the pancreas that were destroyed because of an autoimmune response.

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