Emphysema and Quitting Smoking

If you have emphysema and quitting smoking is a concern you are headed in the right direction. Breathing polluted air and smoking are the number one causes of emphysema. Smoking cigarettes is the cause of 85 percent of emphysema cases. In addition, smoking cigars and other tobacco means contribute to the cause of emphysema.

People are starting to recognize this more and taking action. Emphysema is a very difficult disease and eliminating smoke from the lungs is one way to improve symptoms greatly.

The alveolus in the lungs are damaged in emphysema patients. These air sacs in the lungs collect air and bring in oxygen to the body. If they are damaged, it makes it hard for the person to breathe and therefore the person receives less oxygen.

These small air sacs actually stretch until they break. That results in new air sacs, which aren’t as efficient. Therefore the new alveolus don’t function as well compared to the previous original alveolus. This is why it’s a progressive disease and breathing continues to become more difficult.

More and more energy is required by people just to breathe and get enough oxygen. This results in more fatigue as people age and less ability to be active in their lives.

Quitting smoking and emphysema are becoming inextricably linked because so much future damage can be prevented. Smoking cigarettes pollutes deeply into the lungs damaging alveolus permanently. Obviously the person is much better if they stop smoking immediately to prevent further damage deep in these lung air sacs.

People with emphysema are inflicted with other health problems at a greater rate than others with healthy lungs. For example, emphysema patients get infections in the chest, such as pneumonia and common colds at a greater rate.

Studies also show that high blood pressure exists in higher rates with emphysema patients because their lung arteries are damaged. These are just some of the collateral illnesses that result from emphysema. The list is extensive.

Many of these problems can be mitigated if the person chooses to quit their tobacco habit. People with mild emphysema sometimes recover to have normal feeling lungs if they quit smoking. The body has an amazing ability to recover on its own if it’s given the chance.

Emphysema is not thought to be curable, but the symptoms are greatly slowed down if people get smoke out of their lungs by quitting or by staying away from smoky places and polluted air.

Unlike the old days, thankfully getting emphysema and quitting smoking later is becoming more common. This is mainly because of advances in medical related studies of the disease. In the past, many smokers would just continue with the disease and die early.

Many people have chosen to stop smoking because of health problems and this is just one more example. If you have emphysema and quitting smoking is a priority, remember, it can be done and you’ll benefit greatly from your decision.

Source by Tyler Samuelson

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