Effects of High Blood Pressure – What Are the Short and Long Term Effects of Hypertension?

The effects of high blood pressure are real and damaging. Little wonder then that doctors call this condition the “silent killer” as it is responsible for millions of deaths worldwide each year. In this article, I’ll show you exactly what effects hypertension has on the human body.

The Vascular System And The Organs

When the blood pressure of the blood is too high, this is equivalent to running your home water system on too high a pressure. Pretty soon leaks and breakages will start to appear.

In your body, your arteries are most directly affected. Anywhere that the blood runs is affected so this also includes all the organs of your body. Let’s see in further detail what the long term consequences of this are.

The Eyes

The eyes contain very tiny blood vessels that are especially susceptible to rupture. In fact, many people are diagnosed with hypertension when they visit an eye doctor.

In extreme cases, you can even go blind.

Increased Risk Of Stroke

The brain features an advanced network of blood vessels. The higher the pressure of the blood flowing through them, the greater the chance of damage.

Eventually, you can have a breakage in one of these vessels or a blockage. This is a stroke. You are 5 times more likely to suffer one if you have this condition.

Heart Problems

The heart must work harder if the pressure is higher. This leads to thickening of the heart muscle, reduced inefficiency and heart failure.

Arterial deposits are also more likely in those with this condition. This can lead to an increased risk of death due to heart attack.

Kidney Failure

A third of those who receive dialysis are there because their blood pressure is too high. And a quarter of those on dialysis will die because of it.

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