Damages Caused by Short Term Marijuana Use

What are the effects of smoking marijuana? We know about the long term effects of pot use. Have you ever considered the short term effects of smoking weed? Did you know that there are damages caused by short term marijuana use?

Smoking pot is not all the fun that some people would have you believe. Did you know that the euphoria, also known as the “giggles,” associated with getting high only happens the first couple of times you get stoned? Even then it is very short lived. You are then left with an almost uncontrollable urge to eat junk food, diet be damned!

This is often followed by sleepiness. Sound good? Now add dizziness to the mix and a person could become quite uncomfortable. Being as most people who are experiencing the short term effects of smoking marijuana like to do so with others, it isn’t long before self consciousness sets in. Most people will also feel disoriented, wondering if they just said what they were thinking or just thought it!

Forgetfulness is a side effect as well. This forgetfulness can be a double edged sword. A lot of people will smoke pot to forget, which is good until you want to remember something and cannot. Then this positive effect turns into a negative.

If you have anything to do, forget about it. Any motivation you had, before getting stoned other than to eat, gel out or sleep, will be gone. Pot smokers are not known for their desire to get things done.

I have left the best for last. The last short term side effect of smoking pot that I want to touch on is paranoia. If you have never experienced paranoia, let me tell you, it is no fun. You will think that people are talking about you, when they are not. You will think that everyone is staring at you, that you are the center of attention and you won’t want to be. Self consciousness sets in and is the most uncomfortable feeling of all.

I wrote this article based on experience and truth. Don’t waste your time with marijuana. It will only drag you down.

Source by Stephanie Chamberlain

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