Coping With Break Up Anxiety – What You Have to Do Exactly

From my experience, people suffer from anxiety and depression after a break up, they worry they might not have done the right thing; they want to get back to their exes with no apparent reason.

Most of the time they want to get back together for a totally bad reason. They can not move out of their comfort zones, they get used to their life styles, even if it was sad and full of problems and mistrust.

Coping with break ups is not always easy, but if you had the right knowledge about what you should do and what to avoid whatever cost was, you are on the right track to get out of the bottleneck.

The first thing you have to do is to determine whether break up anxiety root cause is the fact that you still love your ex or because you are afraid from being alone and meeting new people in your life.

If you really want your ex back, you need to cope with break up anxiety and depression, so when you meet your ex, s/he will find you strong, confident and attractive, no one is attracted to a needy, desperate person.

So you need to stick to these general tips if you want to cope with break up anxiety and depression.

– Do not contact your ex, as you know at the first stage of a break up the emotions are high and any little argument could develop to a total disaster, you can drain your emotional energy by writing some journals or crying when you are alone.

– Hide all your ex friend’s belongings, pictures, CD’s, gifts, you need to shift yourself from the emotional state that reminds you of your ex.

– Go out and meet new people, you will find people from both sexes, some of them might be good matches for you, who knows you might find that the break up was a blessing when you find the perfect match for you, and you might blame yourself that you had lost years with the wrong person.

– Go out, do not lock yourself in your room, this might be helpful at the few first days of the break up, but after that you need to smell some fresh air, go for excursion with some friends, find a nearby mountain and go hiking, join the gym or make a road trip.

– Enjoy new activities, there might be some things you wanted to do but your ex prevented you from doing it, if you like going to movies but your ex did not like the crowd in the movies theatre you can go to see the newest releases, or you can go play board games with some friends and family.

Coping with break ups is not a hard thing; most people move on and live, because a break up is a point in your life, you can not let it control and ruin the whole line, especially if you know that your opportunities are endless, there are more in this life than a broken heart and an ex who had left you.

Source by Ayman Dweck

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