Charcoal Grill Smoking Dangers the BBQ Industry Won’t Tell You

Summer is always a great time for family gatherings and eating out. And amongst many recreational activities outdoors, barbecuing has always been in the list of top ten activities in most American families’ life. Charcoal grill smoking or gas grilling are the most popular options these days to sit down with your loved ones and enjoy those succinctly cooked BBQ steaks.

With recent innovations in technology, we find ourselves with choices of infrared and even electric grills that can handle outdoor cooking. Yet, for those savvy barbecue lovers, charcoal smokers still remain as the most sought after techniques to achieve juicy smoked meat without losing flavors that is normally associated with hot gas or electric grilling.

The Truth about Charcoal Grills

But have you ever wondered how charcoal smoking might affect your health in the long term? This is perhaps a very basic and logical question to ask for most shoppers when first deciding on the type of BBQ grill to buy, yet only a few are aware of it.

Many studies on carbon monoxide – the poisonous chemical released in the smoke when burning charcoal fuel, like wood, coals or briquettes, has mentioned many bad health effects of using charcoal for cooking food.

A publication on CNN stated a case where CDC estimated the number of non-fire-related carbon monoxide poisonings had caused in between 15,000 to 40,000 emergency hospital visits each year across the United States.

However, some barbecue addicts say that charcoal smoking is only truly bad for you health if it is overused or when meat is overcooked and get burned partly. Nonetheless, they all have to agree to some extend that some parts of the meat does actually get poisoned because of the smoke which is used to cook the meat itself.

Another article about charcoal barbeque grills danger, also said that the long term risk is cancer. It was backed by an example of studies conducted by scientists from Rice University in 2003, which had proven that the percentage of people who died because of cancer was particular high in Houston – where the most popular family activity during summer seasons where charcoal smoking.

What to Do if You Get Ill?

If you already own one of the charcoal smoker grills, and wonder whether you should just abandon it for the sake of health, and opt in for electric or gas grilling instead, here are some signs of carbon sickness: its starts with light headache, if untreated, the pain will build up and cause nausea. After repeated exposure to toxic smoke, the sick person might even feel some confusion, dizziness and loss of good concentration. If you have ever felt sick that way while preparing those deliciously flavorful smoked dishes, it is highly recommended that you seek out medical help from doctors right away, and possibly stop charcoal grilling or smoking during treatment period.

So the choice is really up to you, whether charcoal grilling is an ‘yes’ or ‘no’. While everyone has to agree that grilling with charcoal can prove to be the most rewarding cooking and eating experience, its long term side effects on your health can not be neglected and ignored for granted, especially if you smoke barbecue meat and vegetables on regular basis.

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