Can Hepatitis C Be Cured by Detoxification?

Health and diet professionals believe that a well balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle will go a long way in avoiding any unwanted health problems. They also say the people who follow a healthy and disciplined life do not have to undergo any detox programs.

One of the many diseases that affect humans today and one of the most dangerous and often fatal diseases is Hepatitis C. Hepatitis C is an infectious disease that is transmitted through blood and mainly affects the functions of the liver. More than two hundred thousand people are affected by this disease in Canada alone. Most of the transmissions of this disease are through needles and syringes and drug abusers are a significant majority of affected persons. Each year more than five thousand people are affected by this disease.

These drug abusers and alcohol addicts can be treated and cured by an effective detox program. These people often undergo severe withdrawal problems like jerks and fits initially when on a detox program. However these days’ medical professionals are fully equipped to handle any such problems in a detox program.

An ordinary detox program is like cleaning an oily dish. If not done properly a detox program will only clean the toxins on the surface of the affected organ and will leave residual toxins much like oil on a cleaned dish. That is why ancient medical professionals in countries like china and India believe in thoroughly cleansing the organs inside as part of any detox procedure.

The Hepatitis C disease has been there from time immemorial. However, it is only as recently as 1839 that the disease was officially discovered by the scientific community. As we all are aware this disease affects mostly the liver and all its functions, the liver and all its functions become disabled if this disease is not treated early. The liver swells abnormally when affected and this could lead to liver cirrhosis which is a very dangerous situation to be in and a one in which even life could be in danger. This disease is all the more dangerous as this is very hard to detect in the initial stages and could lay hidden and dormant for a long period of time and perhaps till the final end stages. So it is very imperative to go for regular medical check ups to not only detect this disease in its early stages but also so as to not contaminate and infect others.

A thorough detox program is a prefect remedy to this deadly disease as the body generally becomes resistant to this form of infection if the internal organs are kept clean and in working order. A fit and healthy body is more capable of doing its functions well and can also boost its chances of fighting off any disease by increasing its immunity levels. So our liver and also other vital organs can be protected against Hepatitis C by undergoing a detox program once in a while even if we maintain a healthy lifestyle generally.

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