Asthma and Health Insurance Coverage

Asthma is a reversible lung disease that may resolve spontaneously or with treatment. It is characterized by obstruction of narrowing of the airways, which are typically inflamed and hyperresponsive to various stimuli. Signs of asthma may range from mild wheezing and dyspnea to life threatening respiratory failure.

Although this common condition can strike at any age, half of all cases first occur in children younger than age 10; in this group, asthma affects twice as many males as females. Nearly 1 in 13 children has asthma, and this number is increasing worldwide. Emergency department visits, hospitalizations, and deaths resulting from asthma have been increasing for more than 20 years.

Asthmatics and Health Insurance.

When applying for health insurance many individuals accept the notion that the policy will rider out an asthmatic condition for an indefinite period and simply believe that means coverage will not be provided for prescription medication drug usage. However, nothing can be further than the truth. Insurance companies place and issue specified riders on medically underwritten policies usually because medications are expensive or ensuing financial responsibility for a medical condition has to be justified or offset in some way. The truth is medications such as Advair, Albuterol, Flovent, or Medrol are not terribly expensive so what is the big deal?

An Asthma Rider Has To Be Carefully Considered.

The big deal is the possible complications in which an administrator of a health insurance plan covering asthma would have to pay in medical expenditures. Certain diagnostic test such as a pulmonary function test, pulse oximetry, arterial blood gas, complete blood count, and chest x-ray would be offset by deductibles and co-insurance, however the majority of expenses could be retained by the insurer if an asthmatic patient experiences tachycardia, tachypnea, and diaphoresis ultimately leading to a severe attack with fatal costly consequences including respiratory failure requiring pulmonary ventilation, intravenous fluid therapy, and a host of more expensive procedures in addition to presenting presence of relevant co-morbidities. You do want this covered don’t you?

Don’t be a victim. Know your options.

When it comes to applying for a health insurance plan with a condition present such as Asthma, ask your broker to shop for policies that do not rider out the medical condition. There are policies in the individual private healthcare market which give you the option to pay a little extra monthly to cover it. If you need assistance in locating such coverage please visit our website at and leave your contact information so one of our licensed insurance agents can help you obtain a no rider policy.

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