14 Signs You Are Too High For Your Own Good

1. Leaving your couch is the LAST thing you want to do. 

2. After six hours of playing a video game, you realize you’re still on level one.

3. You don’t care about anything.

4. Except eating everything in sight.

5. You reply to every text two hours late and cancel any plans that you can’t roll into a joint.

6. You become paranoid. EVERYONE knows you’re baked and EVERY car is a police car.

7. It takes you a while to fully process what’s happening.

8. But when it hits, it is SO. FUNNY. 

9. You feel one with the earth.  

10. You’re finally thinking clearly. You are the next Steve Jobs.

11. Sh-t’s deep, man.

12. Basic, menial tasks are such a hassle. 

13. You spend hours staring at your iTunes visualizer while jamming to your “Scooby Snacks” playlist. 

14. Forgetting what day it is, you drag yourself to work. Only to find out it’s a Saturday.

Hands down, the dopest dope you’ve ever smoked. 

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