“Ron suffers from neurosarcoidosis. Prescribed medications did not abate his symptoms and he was not able to obtain any relief until his doctor recommended that he try marijuana.” Read More…

Our Mission: Patient Education / Advocacy

Patients, whether chronically or terminally ill, are real people. They are a portion of the low , middle and upper class that affects 100% of America. Almost every family has at least one member who is suffering from a life altering disease. We provide these patients with the first ever medically backed website / app to learn about CBD, research medical cannabis strains, read doctors’ commentary / patient’s testimonials and learn about the legality of medical marijuana in their state.

MDherb mission is to provide educational content about cannabis to the everyday general consumer. Our content comes directly from the top RN’s and MD’s in the industry, and we strive to help provide you with resources to help you find the proper medication for your ailments.

      • ALS
      • Cancer
      • Crohn’s / GI
      • Chronic Pain
      • Parkinson’s Disease

…and so many more!

Our Advisory board  is made up of numerous C level executive’s, registered nurses and even top MD’s across the country. We strive to be thought leaders, and to provide you with the most educational and useful content available

      • Richard T Haines . Chief Executive Officer
      • Dr. Matt DiDuro .  Chief Medical Liaison
      • Diego Salas . Chief Operating Officer
      • Nigel Gower . Chief Technology Officer
      • Rishi Patel . Executive Advisor
      • Dr.Uma V.A. Dhanabalan, MD . Advisory Board Member